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Annamaria Gagliardi

earth, water, light, air



Annamaria Gagliardi completed her studies, the diploma at the School of Art and the Accademia di Belle Arti, and later she followed the dual path of teaching and of the artistic activity, getting interested in painting, sculpture and graphic art.
Studying and re-elaborating "NATURAL FORMS AND STRUCTURES", she develops an original and poetic language of great communicative intensity.
According to Gagliardi, nature is a "living entity" that should be respectfully embraced and preserved. The artist lives on nature's beauty and, just like it, becomes a creator of forms and colours, recovering its vitality and transforming it with imaginary insightfulness.
Rebuilding the deep bond between life and the shapes originated from it (the elements and the relationships among them: earth - water, water - air, water - light) Gagliardi wants to highlight the "VOICE OF THE BUILDING KNOWLEDGE OF EVERYTHING" , placing the dialogue between man and nature on a level of dynamic and serene harmony.